Check your consulting application documents - CV & cover letter

Make sure YOU get one of the much desired, rare interview slots at top management consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG, etc!

Tier-1 management consulting firms receive thousands of applications each year - therefore, only the best candidates receive an interview appointment at all. Make sure it is YOU and get an insider's view on your application documents before it is too late.


The most common mistakes are

  • lack of strategy and structure in cover letter
  • irrelevant information in cover letter
  • no obvious fit between the candidate and the firm
  • no firm-specific cover letters


Be sure to avoid these mistakes and let us give you very specific and actionable feedback on your application documents!

Details and booking options

After making a booking, you will receive an email-address for submitting your application documents (make sure it is in MS Word or PDF format). Needless to say, every document is treated 100% confidentially.


Usually, you will receive detailled and specific feedback incl. suggestions for improvement to your documents within 48 hours, at latest within 7 days. 100% direct and honest, no marketing bullsh!t included.


If there are any questions on our feedback provided, you can contact us any time free of charge to clarify any potential misunderstandings. Of course, you can also book the Application Check twice to make sure 100% that your final version with all suggested changes implemented will meet the expectations of the tier 1 consulting firms.


We offer the following options:

  • Option 1: Check of cover letter OR CV (EUR 150,--)
  • Option 2: Check of cover letter AND CV (EUR 280,--)
  • Option 3: Option 2 + consulting and discussion of your documents via phone (EUR 400,--)


Please note: Regardless which option you pick, always please send us both the CV and the cover letter. Only with both documents at hand we can give you a detailled and comprehensive feedback.

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