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Play it safe with our SureStepPrep coaching methodology

Having been on both sides of the table, I perfectly understand the eager job seeker’s perspective and approach to preparing for case interviews – and all the obstacles and difficulties in your way to receiving that desired job offer.


And after much more than 1,000 case interviews, I have the “behind the scenes”-perspective necessary to perfectly support you in achieving your goals. Based on experience, I have developed the unique SureStepPrep method as an overall process to make sure that you get the most out of our coaching sessions – namely an offer from one of the top consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG, etc.


Here are the stats - and the numbers prove it right:

Offer at: McKinsey / BCG Other Tier 1&2 Consulting Firms No Consulting Offer
Number of Candidates 67% 29% 4%
Avg. # of Coaching Hours   9,4 2,7

Up to now, you might have been an absolute high-flier - maybe at university, maybe at your current job. You might be tempted to think there is no need in getting professional assistance to prepare for your upcoming consulting interviews.


Here comes the truth, and you probably won't like it: Within the brightest people on this planet working for the companies you admire, you will need to work very hard to achieve and perform on this level as well. And competition for the scarce consulting offers will be brutally fierce, especially in times of limited industry growth. So, at least I have warned you.

(Please be prepared that my feedback in coaching sessions is equally direct and honest - my role is to prepare you for interview success, not to pamper your ego. If you don't like it, it is better if our paths do not cross.)


So, now is the time for you to decide whether or not you take this seriously or not, and whether you really want to get into the top consulting firms like McKinsey, The Boston Consulting Group, etc.

Consulting case interview prep - Free expert advice

Launch your consulting career 100% risk-free!

Just to put the coaching into perspective: with your first-month's salary at McKinsey only you can book ~40 hours of coaching! Even if the coaching looks expensive in the first place, think about it this way: in the frist 2-3 years at a top management consulting firm you will earn around 200.000-400.000€ - here, so 1:1 high-impact coaching sessions are a minimal investment into your career (~5-50 basis points)!


And: The coaching is 100% risk free for you. If you do not see any value in the coaching or you just don't like it, you can stop it anytime within the first 20 minutes of our sessions. Not only in the first session - this is valid for any of our sessions. Money back, no questions asked, no hassles - I promise.


Please use the following menu to choose your coaching package - I will get in touch with you after payment ASAP.


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  • Coachings will be done via Skype video call
  • Appointments are generally possible 24/7 and are arranged individually.

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Candidate reviews (digest)

(Sorry for not keeping this up to date regulary - I rather prefer helping candidates instead..)

For more up-to-date ratings, have a look at the tab "Ratings" on my PrepLounge Profile.


Tim: "Robert gave me great guidance throughout the case, and he gave me some very detailed feedback on issues that I should work on, including some very subtle issues that I would never have noticed, and some great advice on how to improve on areas that I was weak at."


Joao: "Robert was extremely helpfull. Very easy going, he understands what you say and, instead of just directing you to the right place, he gives meaningfull explanations of why that rational was wrong/right. He gave me a very thorough feedback which was extremily helpfull."


Juliette: "Great interviewer - the feedback was insightful, precise, spot-on and detailed.Now I know what I need to focus my preparation on. I definitely recommend him!"


Marco: "Robert was a great coach. The case he gave was very in depth and tackled a number of different business aspects. Though this was my very first case interview, he was very patient and helped guided me throughout the interview. His interview felt very real. His feedback was also very elaborate, told me what I should work on and in which aspects of the case I did okay in. Highly recommended! "



Nathalie: "5 Stars - Great Coach! I have had a series of coaching with Robert from beginner to advanced level. The sessions were very well structured, personalised to my needs and extremely valuable. They have helped me to successfully pass several interview rounds with top consulting companies. Thank you!!"


Seif: "A very friendly and professional expert partner. The session was very helpful, informative and interesting. Moreover, I also enjoyed the fact that Robert is very flexible and patient. He reacted to my specific questions and provided me with tailored and bespoke advice."



Marco: "Gave me a case I really struggled with, but took more than the allocated time to evaluate my performance and taught me how to solve cases like that in future! Highly recommended!"


William: "I highly recommend Robert! He gave a great case. It was actually used as a McKinsey interview 1.5 years ago and was a real live case for them too. He's mastered the skill of dropping subtle hints in his responses that you need to pick up on. He also speaks great English, which is important."


Sina: "As a newcomer to case studies Robert guided me well structured through the study. He gave hints and asked helpful questions. The feedback provided insides into general solutions to case studies as well as my personal potential for improvement. Thanks Robert for an excellent start! Highly recommendable!"

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really worth the money?

Definitely - please also have a look at the numerous positive reviews on the website. Some of my candidates even received job offers from McKinsey without even going through 2nd round interviews - and this is certainly an extremely rare happening, showing how well prepared these candidates were by my coachings.

Especially the tier-1 consulting companies like McKinsey, BCG & Co attract the brightest talents globally - and for successful candidates a professional interview preparation is a matter of course. The level of competition for the rare offers is accordingly high - and compared to those high-calibre candidates you still need to excel. Here, seemingly small issues can already make the difference between receiving an offer or not. Therefore, you should also make use of a professional case interview coaching to get a good grasp on your case interview performance in comparison to the best candidates and to receive a bullshit-free, honest feedback with very detailled and actionable feedback for improvement. Learning some frameworks and doing some math will definitely NOT be enough - have a look at the interview from the other side of the table, get an inside understanding what really counts and start thinking like a real tier-1 consultant!


How can I be sure that you really deliver the value you promise?

No matter which booking option you prefer - single sessions, or a 5 or 10 session package - you can stop the coaching anytime within the first 20 minutes of our session. Money back, no questions asked - I promise. 


Do you also cover the McKinsey Personal Experience Interview ("McKinsey PEI") in your coachings?

Yes, of course. Nearly all candidates underestimate the complexity and importance of the McKinsey Personal Experience Interviews. Take this one seriously and prepare accordingly - I am quite sure you do not want to hear that you nailed all cases, but did not convince the interviewer in the personal experience part and therefore McKinsey unfortunately cannot make you an offer. It is not rare that I have 2-3 sessions dedicated to the PEI only. Amongst others, we will work on the crystal clear differentiation between the single dimensions, the creation of an appropriate story line as well as sharpening those aspects that really count in the interview. Knowing all this will make the difference between a great candidate and a mediocre one!


Why is the coaching so expensive?

Well - this is a matter of perspective. Even though I cannot guarantee you an offer at one of the tier 1 consulting companies, I will CONSIDERABLY improve the odds by working with you. If the initial investment into the coaching nevertheless seems a lot to you: if you are seriously interested in an offer from McKinsey, BCG & Co and working hard to get one, I am extremely confident that we will reach this goal together. And compared to your first salary at a consulting company of your choice, the investment into your preparation is a ridiculously small amount of money - even more, taking into account the yearly salary or the life-time value as a result of your starting position at McKinsey, BCG & Co.

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