The Professional Preparation for Consulting Case Interviews

Consulting Case Interviews offers you all you need for your interview success at top management consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Bain etc.

Application Check "Getting the Interview"

Detailed and specific actionable feedback on your application documents, to make sure YOU land one of the much desired, rare interview slots. >>

Interview Coaching "Cracking the Case"

The perfect preparation for all those candidates, who know their level of competition in the interview process and who want to make sure that their own name is on the employment contract. >>

McKinsey Personal Experience Interview Toolkit

The perfect preparation for the McKinsey PEI dimensions Leadership, Personal Impact and Drive & Achievement. >>

Book "Consulting Case Interviews"

[currently this book is available in German language only]

The perfect basis for candidates who are not satisfied with other "run of the mill" literature on top management consulting application. >>

The Ultimate McKinsey

PEI Prep (eBook)

How to really answer McKinsey Personal Experience Interview questions

The Ultimate McKinsey PEI Prep eBook

Case Interview Frameworks

The #1 Guide for Structuring Your Consulting Case Interview

The McKinsey

Case Book

(external link)


Case Interview Buch